The Heart of the Steel Valley
Connecting Pittsburgh to Youngstown
about The Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad's History about

Chartered in the winter of 1990 the Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad was born. This railroad, although ficticious to the world, did exist in a mind of a 12 year old child by the name of Scott Eric Catalano. This child, being fascinated with trains since his early childhood, grew up to love and respect these monsters of steel we call trains.

The Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad is a class one bridge route railroad. It's trackage begins in the heart of the steel valley Pittsburgh and continues westward passing all the steel mills and towns that sprang up because of the Iron City on its way to the steel center of Ohio.

The Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad would of existed during the big take over of "Big Blue" aka Consolidated Rail Corp or better known as Conrail. Conrail's take over was between CSX and Norfolk Southern. The Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad would have been running on the trackage that is currently owned by CSX, if the P&O actually existed today. Prior to the take over the P&O used Pittsburgh and Lake Erie mainline and subs in and around Pittsburgh all the way to Youngstown Ohio to service the local steel mills.

No longer does the P&O have to share trackage rights with any other railroad in the area as it now has it's own. Instead, other railroads get trackage rights to ride over the P&O.

More history will be added as the Pittsburgh & Ohio Railroad Grows!